Friday, November 20, 2009

The Violence of Sanctification

A field of ripened grain is a beautiful sight to behold, but, in that state, not very useful as nourishment. Several acts of violence are necessary to transform the grain-on-the-stalk into steaming loaves of freshly-baked bread.

Although we Christians repeatedly express our desire to be useful in the Lord's service, few of us welcome the several acts of violence required to make us so. In truth, we would rather remain the waving heads of grain in the field than suffer the trauma of the scythe, the threshing floor and the grindstone. But, as Samuel Rutherford noted:

"Be content, ye are his wheat growing in our Lord's field. And if wheat, ye must go under our Lord's threshing instrument, in his barn-floor, and through the sieve, and through his mill to be bruised, as the prince of your salvation, Jesus was (Isa. 53:9), that ye may be found good bread in your Lord's house."

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