Monday, November 30, 2009

Strauss' Last Day

Today was Strauss' last day. For the past ten years he has been "one of the family", a faithful companion, always seeking to please us, loving us unconditionally and always desiring our company. Strauss was, hands down, the best dog we've ever owned.

We who hope daily in the resurrection suspect that there might well be a resurrection of the animals that we loved in this life, and who functioned as integral parts of our covenant households. But only time and eternity will tell for sure.

Rest in peace Strauss, son of Levi, trusted friend, guardian of the Helsel home and protector of Helsel children. We will miss you terribly, but rejoice in your release from the pains of these last few years. Vaya con dios "Wonder Dog."


Jess R. Monnette said...


Jen Welch said...

A sad day indeed.

Corey said...

Sorry about your loss, clan Helsel.

travelmom said...

So sorry to hear about Strauss. So thankful for the memories of good and faithful four-legged companions. He was a good dog.