Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modern Court Jesting

During the age of kings and queens court jesters served a very important function. They were not employed for mere comic relief. Jesters had unique royal permission to mock the ideas, fads, policies and practices of the day. If any other of the king's counselors would have attempted similar ridicule or punditry, they would quickly have been relieved of their heads. As social critics, the court jesters lampooned with hilarity and satirized with impunity.

Most of the time SNL is just downright silly (or crude.) But, at their best, they serve us as court jesters; mocking the aspects of our society that truly need to be mocked. And thereby helping us to look at, and think twice about, certain cultural phenomena. Twilight-mania is one such phenomenon, and below you will find SNL's well-deserved poke at the same. Enjoy.

For a more serious critique of Twilight I highly recommend Doug Wilson's series in the webzine version of Credenda Agenda which you can find here.

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