Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Get More of What You Subsidize...

"AIG, which has already received $170 billion in taxpayer money, paid $165 million dollars in bonuses. They say the bonuses were justified because the company made an extra $170 billion dollars last year." (Jay Leno)

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I remember you from the days you used to lead retreats for Jon Dennis and the HYACKS youth group. I still listen to your CD "Thy Rod and Thy Staff."

I thought of you because I'm a pastor at a church looking for a music pastor. We're baptist, so I know the connection isn't super-intuitive. But if you know any people who are godly, Baptist, theologically-driven in their approach to music, and capable of leading both a praise band and a choir, do let me know (yes, I know, that's hard to find).

My email is

-James Seward