Sunday, March 08, 2009

Poem: I Love Death!

After "The Wise Guys" played at Cafe Mela last Friday evening, we were followed by a couple of acts of the "head-banging-scream-the-lyrics-whilist-looking-like-death-warmed-over" variety. As our abortion mills, homosexuality and self-sterilization testify, we are a culture increasingly captivated by death, barrenness and ugliness. But it is nonetheless startling to hear people actually singing about their love for death, etc. with microphones, to real people, acting like they really mean what they are "singing."

Anyways, I came home inspired to write a song about loving death and its evil partners-in-crime. I am hoping to sing it soon at Cafe Mela as a parody. My only fear is that the crowd might miss the "parody" aspect my offering. Oh well...

Note: I've used a nom de plume (pen name) so that I can deny writing this "song" later on.

I Love Death!
Blade Houston

I love death, my favorite color is black
I’m actually looking forward to my first heart-attack
Don’t wanna see a bright light on the other side
I'd much prefer a chasm dark and ten miles wide!
I love death!

I don’t like chrysanthemums or anything that’s green
I love the clang and scream of massive metal machines
Apocalyptic barrenness is what I most adore
Shriveled, dried, parched and fried, and rotten to the core!
I love death!

Good and kind, and nice and neat are asinine and boring
Wicked, slimy, coarse and grimy set my heart a-soaring
Malevolence and violence, malice and ill-will
Grease the rails that guide my soul into the depths hell!
I love death!

I love pain, my favorite pastime is alarming
Cuz I love to see the ruin of the things that I am harming
Break and smash, rip and slash, obliterate and burn
Skewer, pierce, bleach and dye, agitate and churn!
I love death!

I love death
Long live death!

I love death
Long live death!


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