Saturday, May 01, 2010

Moab Day Three

Today we took a shuttle to a trailhead somewhere near the top of Porcupine Canyon (elev. 7200 feet). We began our descent just above the snow line. Not long after we began cruising down the hill we had to negotiate "The Notch", a muddy 100 yard "hike-a-bike" section that was nearly vertical. We all made it down (barely) except for Terry who got tangled up with a tree branch whilst slip-sliding down the narrow rock-strewn trail (see picture.)

The Porcupine Canyon Trail is a wonderful mix of technical, jeep and "exposed" tracks. "Exposed" means that the trail is often right next to a one-to-two-thousand foot cliff. Scary, but rather exhilarating.

Terry did two "slo-mo-endos" (an endo is when you flip forward over the front tire) one of which we got some good pictures. I also did my own "slo-mo-endo" during which I got my handlebar grip firmly lodged in the crotch of my cargo-shorts. I think I'd still be up there if the guys didn't extricate me from my own bike.

All in all, a great day. Great fellowship and a great ride. You can view the pictures here.

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Tony said...

Looks awesome!..and cold! I've done this trail in a jeep and mountain wanting to back and do it on a dirt bike. Great trail, nice pics!