Sunday, May 02, 2010


Warning: All the beer and ale sold in the state of Utah, by law, cannot have an alcohol content exceeding 3.2% (in Washington and Idaho the same brews will have an alcohol content of about double that.)

The local breweries try to cover up this travesty with cool names like "Polygamy Porter" (ad slogan: "Why have just one?"), "Full Suspension Pale Ale" and "The Devastator Double Bock" (ad slogan "Utah will never be the same"). But the sad truth is these ales are just plain lousy.

The modern day prohibitionist-prissies have even suceeded in requiring ales brewed and bottled elsewhere to have the same lo-alcohol/lo-taste restriction. Brian finally gave up all together on the Utahoovian near-beers and was reduced to ordering 7-up with dinner. As we say at home, "Blecchh-toosh."

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Mikey said...

Your assessment of Utah's beer couldn't be more wrong. I don't know if you are just grossly misinformed or you simply have a bias against them.

You must if you think Utah's breweries try to cover up their lack of alcohol content with "cool names".

There is no limit to the amount of alcohol beer can have in Utah. Just because those you tried were lower in alcohol; doesn't mean they all are. The Devastator Double Bock you tried was 8.0%. Didn't you notice???

In fact another of the beers you called "lousy", Polygamy Porter just won a gold medal last month at the world beer cup.

Your entitled to your opinion of course. But spreading misinformation based on your personal lack of knowledge about this particular subject is just wrong.