Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

I've only listened to the first hour or so, but I can already recommend this audio book to you. And here's why:

It's funny, sarcastic and witty. (Note: Christian wit and sarcasm are the very best when the wielder of such employs them to poke fun at himself and the particular branch of the Church of which he is a card-carrying member.)

It's read by the author.

It makes fun of us Christians in a way that exposes issues that need to be dealt with (i.e. owned, confessed and repented of) without being preachy and condescending.

It's free (so even if you don't like it, you can still say that you "got your money's worth.")

Warning: I was listening to this on a run this morning and was almost incapacitated by the "Shelf-elf versus the Wisemen" section.

You can download the book here. Enjoy.

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EMAL19 said...

Hey Gene, that's funny that you posted that book. I just finished it yesterday. I liked the seven types of prayers in "Pray if you feel led." The "Shotblocker" is a riot! -Todd