Saturday, April 24, 2010


The Muslims have their "Mecca", the Jews have their "Wailing Wall" and mountain bikers have their "Moab, Utah."

Next week I will be travelling down to Moab with four MTB brothers from Boise to enjoy the world-renown trails, slickrock and vistas of Moab. Those of you who know my past ER history (and care to join Ellen in her supplications) might want to begin praying right away for my safe-return. I promise to behave and (as we say) "ride my age."

And, for the record, it is at my dear wife's insistence that I am making this trek; yet another indication that I "married well." (Thanks honey!)

Here is a sampling of the sights. Enjoy:


travelmom said...

Looks like fun. We'll start praying.

Ellen H. said...

Thanks Lori!