Sunday, October 04, 2009

Famous Last Words

As the author of Hebrews noted, “It is appointed for every man to die once, and then the judgment.” Here are some "last words" from some men who knew they were about to face that judgment. May God grant us grace to make our appearance before His throne with appropriate humility and faith.

William Pitt (18th century British Prime Minister and friend of William Wilberforce): “I have, like other men, neglected too much to have any ground of hope that can be efficacious on a deathbed, but I throw myself on the mercy of God through the merits of Christ.”

John Randolf (18th century American statesmen and orator): “Remorse, remorse, remorse! Let me see the word. Show me it in a dictionary. Write it then. Ah! Remorse – you don’t know what it means. I cast myself on the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy.”

John Bunyan (author of Pilgrim’s Progress): “Weep not for me, but for yourselves. I go to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ; Who will, no doubt, through the mediation of His blessed Son, receive me, though a sinner…”

Richard Baxter (17th century pastor, theologian and prolific writer): “I am the vilest dunghill worm that ever went to heaven. Lord! What is man; what am I; vile worm to the great God?” When assured by a friend that he had been very blessed by his writings, Baxter replied: “I was but a pen in God’s hands, and what praise is due to a pen?”

Thomas Paine (patriot, acknowledged atheist and author of Common Sense and The Age of Reason): “I would give worlds, if I had them, that Age of Reason had not been published. O Lord help me! Christ help me! O God what have I done to suffer so much? But there is no God! But if there should be, what will become of me hereafter? Stay with me, for God’s sake! Send even a child to stay with me, for it is hell to be alone. If ever the devil had an agent, I have been that one.”

William Pope (18th century leader of a band of infidels who would often mock God by kicking around and then tearing up Bibles): “I have no contrition. I cannot repent. God will damn me. I know the grace is past…You see one who is damned forever…Oh, Eternity, Eternity!....Nothing for me but hell. Come, eternal torments…I hate everything God has made, only I have no hatred for the devil – I wish to be with him. I long to be in hell. Do you not see? Do you not see him? He is coming for me.”

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