Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Travelogue II

Friday: We (Ellen and I) flew non-stop from SeaTac to San Jose Del Cabo, BCS. As we were leaving the airport we were accosted by a gentleman (Luis) who (according to him) was there to help us find our rented car. It turned out Luis worked for a large resort and gave us a great deal on a car-rental ($85 for the week) in exchange for listening to a time-share sales presentation (at the close of which we said, "Thank you, but no.")

Saturday: The Pueblo Bonita resort was breathtakingly beautiful, the presentation very interesting and the sales pressure very high. But we politely said “no thank you”, grabbed our vouchers and vamoosed.

Sunday: We worshipped at an English-speaking church recommended to us by our salesman at Pueblo Bonita. As always it was great to be with the LORD’s people on the LORD’s Day. The communion meditation, given by a layman, was a brief but poignant summary of the life of Christ and brought us both to tears. The sermon almost brought us to tears for an entirely different reason. As Dave Barry likes to say, “I am not making this up.” Instead of a Bible the pastors used, what he even termed “props”: beach-balls, golf clubs, umbrellas, fishing poles, etc. The message was, “Remember folks, church attendance is optional. We’re under grace, not law. So, this summer when you’re out golfing or fishing on Sunday morning, just remember to take Jesus with you.” We met and greeted several of the brethren during and after the service and are truly thankful to have done so. It’s so wonderful to have family wherever you travel! But we left the storefront sanctuary aching and praying for the starving sheep of this fold, and trembling for what that pastor will have to explain when he is called to give an account for the souls in his care (Hebrews 13:7ff.)

Monday: Toured around town. In addition to the globally ubiquitous “McDonalds” and “Subway” stores, Cabo San Lucas also has a “Costco”, “Sam’s Club”, “Office Max”, “Radio Shack” and yes, even a “Wal-Mart.” It’s getting harder and harder to leave the US when you leave the US.

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