Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mexico Travelogue I

!Hola from Los Cabos! First, a little geography lesson: Baja California is the thousand mile peninsula that extends south below San Diego, CA. The Baja Peninsula separates the Pacific Ocean (to the west) from the Sea of Cortez (to the east.) The lower 500 miles of the peninsula is the Mexican state of Baja California Sur (a.k.a. BCS) whose capital is the city of La Paz.

At the southernmost tip of Los Cabos (the cape) is the bustling tourist town of Cabo San Lucas (the Cape of St. Luke.) Los Cabos receives about three inches of rain per year, so the water for the city is desalinized sea water, done so via a process called “reverse osmosis.” This means the water in this part of Mexico is very safe to drink and makes it near impossible to contract the dreaded “Montezuma’s Revenge.”

Workers for the thriving tourist industry are imported from all over Mexico and, for the most part, are well-treated and well-paid, keeping crime to a minimum. One resort we visited, gives imported workers free housing for two years and after that helps their employees to purchase their own homes.

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