Monday, February 04, 2008

Lord of the Nano-seconds...

Yesterday (Sunday morning) I was motoring down to Shiloh (our downtown church office) to pick up some books to take to our Lord's Day assembly. The roads were very snowy so I took my wife's newly aquired Toyota Highlander. I was traveling down Yakima Avenue and about to cross Chelan Street when I noticed a truck coming from my left on Chelan. I had a green light. He had a red light. I couldn't stop because of the snow beneath my tires. He didn't stop because, as he told me a few momeents later, he was talking on his cell-phone. I hit my anti-lock brakes and began a four-wheeled slide through the intersection, yelling through the windshield "What are you doing!!!???" I hit the truck broadside, "T-boning" it on the passenger side. We both walked away from the collision (praise the Lord!) And the other driver, to his credit, immediately took full responsiblity for the early morning "demolition derby" and even told the police officers that he had run the red light whilst talking on his cell-phone! (Wowsers.)

I later calculated that if I had entered the intersection 1/4 of a second sooner, he would have T-boned me on the driver's side and I most likely would have been hospitalized (or worse.) God is indeed the "Lord of the nano-seconds" and we are all extremely grateful for His sovereign superintendence of yesterday's events. Soli deo gloria!


Sean Brandt said...

Glad you're OK!

Jamie said...

Hey, Gene!

Good to see that you are upright after that!