Friday, December 21, 2007

Trinity Church Family Camp 1995-96

Eugene Rosenstock-Hussey noted that “vacations” differ from “holidays” in that vacations are individual whereas holidays are corporate. Individuals or individual families take vacations, corporate bodies celebrate holidays. Holidays bring people together in time and space to commemorate and celebrate. And the gathering together both reinforces the things celebrated and forges communal bonds.

Through the years our annual family camp “holiday” has been an important and delightful part of covenant-community at Trinity Church. In 1995 we began the tradition of meeting every Labor Day at Double K Retreat Center on Snoqualmie Pass. Last year we conducted our 13th consecutive camp at the same time and location. Sadly, we have outgrown the facility and hence will begin meeting at a different site in June of 2009. So I’ve decided to do a little tribute entitled, “Holidays at Double K.”

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