Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free at last, free at last...

In Steve Martin's recently released autobiography, Born Standing Up, he relates an interesting anecdote about the burden of debt. Martin loved comic books as a young boy and purchased them by borrowing money from his father. Soon he owed about seven (1955) dollars to his father who reminded him often of the debt. Every time Martin thought about the debt he was filled with remorse, shame and anguish. This went on for some months, until, as a birthday present, Martin's father forgave the debt. "I was so relieved to be free from this burden" Martin recounts, "that I never again bought anything on credit."

Whether or not it was Glenn Martin's intent to teach young Steve this lesson, the wise parent would do well to inculcate a similar revulsion to debt-spending in their covenant kids. And all would do well heed the example of this fiscally-not-so-Wild and Crazy Guy.

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