Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Charlie the Lonesome Cougar

Here is an actual retouched photo:

A few weeks ago I rode the Freund Canyon loop with Doug Milner and my son Jason. On the way down a cougar jumped onto the trail behind me and chased me down the hill, swatting at my rear tire! I was completely unaware and oblivious to the danger (ignorance is bliss!) Jason, who was coasting down the trail behind me, stood up on his pedals and yelled at the top of his lungs. The cat froze, jumped off the trail and into the brush trail-side. As my son rode past the cougar it accelerated and ran along side Jason for about 25 meters.

There were a few other close calls which you can read about in a Seattle Times article here.

The Fish and Wildlife folk tried to track, tranquilize and relocate the mountain lion, but before they could do so, it attacked some livestock at the base of the canyon, and was shot by the farmer. Thus endeth the short saga of Charlie the Lonesome Cougar.

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J-man said...

I think he was just out trying to make some friends and decided to go jogging with you