Friday, January 16, 2009

Djembe Joy

As someone once noted: "Scratch a guitarist and you'll find a frustrated drummer." A friend of mine has loaned me his djembe (an African drum) while he finishes law school in Virginia (thanks Jess!!.) What a hoot (the djembe, not the guy.) Color me "scratched and found." To paraphrase Eric Liddell (in Chariots of Fire) "When God made me, he made me rhythmical, and when I drum, I feel His pleasure." This video does not feature djembes, but it does portray the bodily joy of hitting objects that go "boom" and "kack" and the communal joy of doing in concert with others. Enjoy.


Jay Barfield said...

Do a youtube search for the Top Secret Drum Corp 2006 Edinborough Tattoo. Doesn't have the American attitude, but killer drummers.

Josi said...

That video was way cool!!! You lucky djembe borrower!

I have a question. What's "Parbar"? I looked it up and the most I could figure was that it was a place in Israel that needed porters.

Gene Helsel said...

Josi, try this:

Josi said...

Okey dokey! Can do, will do. Hey, I learned two new words! Parbar and Trebly. Thanks!